Welcome to Micron Team @ Avnet Israel

Micron Technology is a worldwide leader in memory technologies and innovations.
Micron is your One stop shop for memory!
  • DRAM components and modules from the legacy SDRAM technology through the leading edge DDR3 & DDR4.
  • eMMC, NAND Flash Components
  • SSD – Solid State Drive
  • Parallel & Serial NOR Flash components.
  • HMC – Hybrid Memory Cube

For more details please contact Micron team:

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Or Lapid – Product Line Manager, Mobile: +972-54-7716676, Or.Lapid@avnet.eu
Eran Peer – Micron FAE, Mobile: +972-54-7716673, Eran.Peer@avnet.eu
Ofer Bedrick – Micron FAE, Mobile: +972-54-7713624, Ofer.Bedrick@avnet.eu
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