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Active Products and Solutions - December 2016

We are happy to offer you an update on the latest products and technology innovations to enhance your designs.
For more information about any of the new products or our general support and services please contact us.

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המומחים שלנו לשירותך
  Analog / Power

Linear Technology Ideal Diode Controllers


Linear Low Dropout (LDO) Regulator Solutions



FDMQ8205 – GreenBridge™ Quad MOSFET Solutions

HV78xx current sense amplifiers
VIPerPlus family
MX25R Low Power Serial NOR Flash
MSC presents industrial DDR3L 1866 DRAM modules...
KLUEG8U1EM-B0B1 – 256 GB UFS Flash Device
iNAND® 7232 High Capacity Storage Solution
PicoZed™ Embedded Vision Kit
ONIX Adapters
Five Computer-on-Module products (COM Express) based on the new generation of Intel’s Apollo Lake

Powerful industrial computers with remote diagnostic tool

TLP7830 & TLP7930 – High Accuracy Optical Coupling Digital Isolation Amplifier feat. Delta Sigma AD Converter
TCPT1600X01, TCUT1600X01 – Transmissive Optical Sensors Offer Superior Vertical Headroom for Vertical Signal Encoding
PYTHON 480 CMOS Image Sensor
VLMU3510-365-130 – High-Power UV LED With Silicone Lens, 365 nm Wavelength Range

BCM5810x - StrataGX™ – Secure Microcontroller Family with NFC

LPC83x – 32 Bit ARM Cortex-M0+ Microcontroller; up to 32 KB Flash and 4 KB SRAM; 12 Bit ADC

  MPC574xB/C/G – 32-bit MCU based on Power Architecture® for Automotive & Industrial Control and Gateway
  LPC18Sxx Series of MCUs
  A700X Secure Authentication MCU
STM32L43 – STM32L4 series of ultra-low-power and performance MCUs
RX65x 32-bit MCUs - Get a Free Kit!
 RF & Wireless
SmartMesh Wireless Sensor Networking for Industrial IoT
 Peripheral / Others
BCM89200 – 4-Port Integrated BroadR-Reach® Automotive Switch
STSPIN220 – Low voltage stepper motor driver
  STSPIN32F0 Motor Driver IC

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