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September 2016
Product Highlights - Interconnect, Passive & Electromechanical solutions

Welcome to the NPI newsletter from Avnet Israel, the monthly round up designed to bring you up to date with the latest product and technology innovations to enhance your design.
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Your IP&E Expert Contacts
ePower-Lite power connector series
Coin cell holder series
IX series high-speed I/O connectors
stAK50h™ infotainment connector system
  Nano-Fit™ power connectors
  RHCP* and Helix SMT GPS MID antennas
MULTI-BEAM High Density (HD) connectors
  IP67 sealed circular plastic connector
  Snap-Lug quick-disconnect power connectors
  SOLARLOK PV4S-1500V connector
 Power and Batteries
AM6TW-NZ series 6 watt DC-DC converter
  AM*W-NZ series DC-DC converters
  AM3T-PNZ 3W DC-DC converter
HS-OCS series 1600W power supply
  Embedded Technologies 6W DC-DC converter family
PFE1100-12-054xD DC-DC power supply

Lyte DIN rail power supply series

MGJ1 series DC-DC converters


D1U54P-W-1500-12 series



Semi-shielded power inductor series

Full LTE* SMT cellular antennas

HDBaseT transformers


PA441xNL series THT common-mode chokes

RN series common-mode chokes

Low profile MiMo antenna range
U2J dielectric, 10-50 VDC
Magnetic buzzer: KXG2512-HB series
  Micro speaker KDMG12008L-03C3
MLCC monolithic ceramic capacitors
  UMAL series thin laminate energy device
Aluminium electrolytic capacitors V-TC-V-TCU series
  2nd generation Grid-EYE infrared array sensor
  SMD-type power choke coils
  Aluminium electrolytic capacitors V-FT series
Vishay aluminium capacitors with increased vibration resistance
  Vishay precision thin film non-magnetic chip resistor
  Vishay RCS e3 series thick film chip resistors
JS series sub-miniature slide switches
  Sub-miniature snap-acting switches
knitter switch CTK series capacitive switches
5120 series filtered appliance inlet


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